Climate Leadership Program

I got the information, knowledge, skills and strategies to apply my climate action passion to where I work, and have influence there. ~ Stephanie

Typically our program cohort is made up of about 20 people who are on leadership pathways in organizations that do not necessarily have climate change as their core focus. For example, past program participants have had continuing roles in: education, health care, the private sector, Indigenous communities, government, the labour movement, the energy sector, cooperatives, not-for-profits that focus on newcomers, and so on.

Climate change is the overarching crisis of our time, providing both challenges and opportunities for us to tackle. The Climate Leadership Program exists to build the capacity of participants to take leadership and initiate climate action in their personal lives and organizations in Alberta.

The CLP is for people who have been active in their organization/sector for at least two years and who intend to continue to be involved there over the next 3-5 years. We strongly support the participation of people who identify as members of equity seeking communities, that include low income, queer, indigenous, newcomer disabled, people of colour, faith groups and many others. Learning takes place across Alberta, and in more than a classroom setting. We use land based learning, social lab structures, peer based mentorship,  experience based learning, case studies, and traditional teaching from elders, along with science and policy based knowledge to build participants leadership and creativity skill to develop climate action projects that are precisely tailored for their situations, and resources.

The Climate Leadership Program is a space where leaders from diverse communities across Alberta come together to learn about how they can work for climate action in their own professional lives, networks, and spheres of influence. It's not about doing everything, it's about figuring out where you fit, and what you can contribute to work for a more sustainable society.         ~ Krystal