Our Community

"Very grateful to have participated and met so many great people."
"I connected to Treaty 6/7. Redeveloped my relationship with the Mother earth." 
"I was supported to find the points of connection between my values and the tensions in my community. Grateful for the opportunities for self-reflection"
"I feel Calgary is now a place to call home. I connected so much from each session and everyone in my cohort." 
" CLP helped me realize I wanted to quit my job! Start a Masters in ecological grief." 
"It gave me hope, it gave me space and most importantly it game the most helpful, brilliant, inspiring 
community on planet earth" 

"Rediscovering the power of motivation to fight for the change we need."

"CLP helped me connect with other progressive minded peeps. This gave me hope for the future". 
"CLP has been very influential on how I think about leadership, community and social change. I developed in all these areas." 

Update Us! 

Update Us! 

Are you a program grad and would like your information updated? Let us know, whether it's a new bio, picture or other information that you feel best represents the work you do. 

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