Energy Depot

The Energy Depot is an opportunity for Calgarians (and area) to work on an idea or project that they would like to implement in their community. It's free and there to help you create and deliver your own project that will improve your community or community organization's energy efficiency and climate change impact.

 We're looking for participant(s) who are involved with sports facilities, Guides / Scouts, community associations, churches, coops, clubs, and other community organizations. More than one person is welcome from your group or interest and they do not need to be a formal member of a group.

 We'll give you ways to generate good ideas, some planning tools, a great lunch, and plenty of supportive people and connections to bring your idea into action.

Facilitators include folks from the Calgary Tool Library, Open Streets Calgary, Energy Efficiency Alberta, Tuxedo Park Community Association, the Federation of Calgary Communities, and the Climate Leadership Program. They will all be sharing their experiences in creating their own projects and helping you with your own development.

The Depot is an opportunity to work together with others in a two-day session that will provide the energy to make a sustainable future. 

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Particpants' projects can vary from energy efficiency, climate action and projects that ultimately make our communities more sustainable. You don't have to have a project in mind before you join the Energy Depot! We'll support you in developing one. Our purpose is to provide you with the tools, resources and support for participants to turn an idea into action. Participants will also have the later opportunity to be a part of ongoing support webinars, and a peer mentor network. Those who complete the workshop sessions and the first webinar are eligible for project supporting grants and scholarships!


Support is available to participants with family care, transportation or learning needs. We acknowledge that members of equity seeking communities face additional barriers when participating in programs such as the Energy Depot. We are committed to addressing this by making our programs equitable, inclusive, and accountable.